Diane Dobson

The process of personal development in the visual arts, and I believe any art, is a journey of discovery. Because I am a field naturalist and bird watcher, inspiration usually comes from the natural world. I don’t always paint the birds or the butterflies, but I often enjoy painting their environment. They are places that excite me visually. The changing colours of trees, fields, marshes, and sky are all a source of inspiration. As a result, the painting process is what I feel about the subject while I experiment and play with colour and texture. I love to paint!

Fossils are a fascination with me. You may have read that on our Facebook page,  the mere fact that these living things morphed into fossils is an awesome thing.  They represent the past, but also carry into the present and the future if you think about it. Some of these species have disappeared for one reason or another.  Amazingly, many of these ancient plants and animals are still with us today in one form or another. Their history is written in stone!  The painting titled “Real Time” is my interpretation of time passing from sunset to dawn (one day to the next), a leaf  aging over a season, and in the ground below are fossils representing the past.

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